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Racing partnerships

Team Forster has been managing racing syndicates for over a decade and has had some tremendous success on the track. Just as important though are the friendships we have made. For details on past syndicates please see the accomplishments tab.

We have two basic kinds of syndicates. The first is a one horse syndicate that usually consists of a yearling purchased at the Keeneland fall Sale. The second is an open-ended partnership that focuses more on claiming and private purchase of horses.

Closed end syndicates

Members purchase a certain percentage usually 5% or more of a future acquisition typically a yearling. The funds cover the purchase and training for approximately one year. Members agree then to pay all bills going forward through capital calls. All purses earned are credited to each member’s account. When the horse is sold all remaining funds are returned to the shareholder member.

For example, we purchased Brushed by a Star for $10,000 and she went on to earn over $400,000 and was sold for $400,000 after winning the G2 Molly Pitcher and G2 Chilukki. After subtracting all expenses the members received their share of over $550,000.

Open ended Syndicates

This is a fairly new addition to Team Forster and is designed to get horses that are running for more immediate racing action as opposed to waiting for young horses to develop. It is also designed to have no set ending. Members buy a percentage share as above but it is a one-time only amount and there is no provision for capital calls.

Once the total funds, say $200,000, are received the syndicate can then acquire horses. There is a basic formula we adhere to that requires us to retain approximately three months worth of expected training bills per horse in our bank account. If those funds are not replenished by purse earnings then horses will be sold. It is hoped of course that the syndicate will grow and last in perpetuity and give our members years of racing action with no further capital required.


Whichever type of partnership suits you know that all accounting is completely transparent and every effort is made to keep members appraised of our current financial standing. Each year members are supplied with a K1 form from our CPA. You will also receive regular updates on all horses from Grant.

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