What our customers have to say about us.

“Anyone can sit in the stands, but only a few will stand in the winner’s circle. Thanks Team Forster for giving me that experience!”

Chris Allison
Little Rock, AR


“I’ve been in the horse business for over 25 years and Grant Forster certainly stands out in his training ability, honesty and a willingness to communicate with his owners.  The racing game has its highs and lows so to have a trainer with these qualities makes the game enjoyable.  There is no question moving forward he will be my trainer.”

Matt Bond
Bond Stables
Memphis, TN 
“Owning a racehorse had always been a dream of mine.  It was very intimidating getting into the game at the beginning, but Team Forster did a fantastic job helping me understand the ins and outs of the operation. In no time I felt like a part of the team.  Everyone is so accessible and approachable.  It’s nice to have a trainer who will take the time to talk to you himself and discuss your horses.  This is something that doesn’t happen with the huge big name barns. Grant takes meticulous care of his horses.  Stalls are always impeccable and the team does a great job taking care of the tiniest of details.  I never have to question whether they are looking out for my horses’ best interests.  If you really want to be involved and have a blast, Team Forster is the way to go.”

“Grant found a horse for me that was for sale and that he thought had a lot of promise.  He had lots of talent but had some mental issues and had consistently been finishing near the back of the pack in his races.  Grant took this horse and turned him into a horse who won well over $100,000 for me and still holds the World Record for 1 mile on turf. Having Mandurah with Team Forster was truly an incredible experience and one that I will never forget!”

Kip Colvin, MD
Memphis, TN
“Being a part of Team Forster allows me to meet my primary goals as a horse owner – the potential to win races while having fun and meeting new people who share a common interest.  Our ride with Brushed by a Star took us to the highest levels and the most prestigious venues in the sport and provided me and my family with countless thrills.  Grant’s excellent horsemanship is evident in how his horses always look healthy and happy and ready to run on race days.  And he is also an excellent communicator so you always feel informed and involved and a valued member of the team.”
Paul C.
Boston, MA

“In 2004 my husband and I attended our first auction in Auburn, Washington. We met with Dave Forster who answered questions and showed us some horses that he thought we would be interested in and that were in our price range. Since he was training in Canada, he highly recommended his son, who had established a barn at Emerald Downs. We have had Grant and the rest of Team Forster ever since!

We appreciate the diligence and commitment that he gives to all the horses and we also enjoy the fantastic communication on each of the horse’s statuses (health, progress, future plans, etc.). Grant keeps you updated on workouts, breezes and any future races so you can plan to be there for any or all the them!

Team Forster educates and provides a great ownership experience for everyone. When you become an investor and owner, you become a part of the “TEAM”.

We have truly cherished all the wonderful people and friendships we have made over the years and this is a great opportunity to enjoy the dream of a horse ownership!”

Cindy and Fred Desimone
Snohomish, WA

“I am a first time horse owner and couldn’t be happier with my choice of trainer. Grant is a down to earth guy who treats owners like VIPs even if they are not millionaires.  I have invested modestly in the business and he makes it fun and exciting to be a part of the Sport of Kings!  He constantly updates owners on the status of the horses and always keeps the best interest of the horse in mind first.  The small things he does like providing owners with the past performances of the tracks where the horses are stabled is just one example of him going beyond simply training.  He has become a good friend as well which was an added bonus.  Wouldn’t trade him for anybody!”

 Marion D. Eyre, MD
Louisville, KY

“Being a partner with this world class organization has been the thrill of a racing lifetime for me.  Grant is an outstanding trainer who puts the needs of the horse first and he is very accessible giving me the opportunity to learn and grow as an owner.  I highly recommend Team Forster to any prospective owners!”

Bruce Eyre,
Cincinnati, OH

 “Having known Grant since 2009 and being a part of Team Forster since 2010, I am confident in his abilities as a trainer, impressed by his horsemanship skills and continue to appreciate his friendship.  Grant, along with his business partner Jim Hawley, provides each owner with the pertinent information about their horse in a timely, professional manner. Team Forster makes each ownership experience a positive one regardless if you are standing in the winner’s circle or not.  His keen eye and consistent approach provide the very best atmosphere and treatment of the horses in his barn.  Not once have I witnessed Grant put anything other than the horse’s best interest and the rider’s safety first and foremost in his daily activities.  Team Forster possesses the integrity needed to excel in this sport, the energy for the constantly changing demands and the patience required to provide the best experience for both the owner and animal.  If you are considering owning part or all of a thoroughbred racehorse, I would encourage you to spend some time with Grant and his team. You will be impressed.”

Clint Joiner
Iron Horse Racing, LLC
Union City, TN

” I have so much respect for Grant and his team.  They are a top notch crew.  I grew up on a Dairy Farm/Tobacco Farm in Lexington, Kentucky.  I never thought I would be able to afford to own a race horse.  We met Grant in 2002 and my husband Wayne said he would like to have a partnership in a race horse some day.  Then we received a phone call, “Would you like to go in on a partnership with a horse named Chickenpotpie?”  It was so much fun!  We made new friends and had several partnerships over the years.  We won the Omnibus Stakes at Monmouth Park with our partnership in Exotic Indy.  She took us all the way to Ruffian Stakes (G1) at Belmont Park.  I never thought I would own a horse that would run in a graded stakes race.  Having grown up in Kentucky, my dream was to have a horse start at Churchill Downs. That dream came true and to make it even better, for a few days, we were listed as leading owners by number of wins with a horse named Strayed. What a ride!”

Ellen Nagai
Kent, WA

“I grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas and relished my trips to Oaklawn with my father from 1982-2013.  He lightly dabbled in ownership of horses, so I always had that interest in the back of my mind.  The process of finding a trainer, but more importantly “trusting” one, always seemed like a difficult task for me as a potential owner on a budget.  The years clicked by until 2009, when a chance combination of events that included a ladybug, a popular sunglasses line and an invitation to watch Quiet Thanks saddle in the Oaklawn infield for the Northern Spur Stakes brought myself and others to know and appreciate Grant Forster as a trainer and friend.  I have co-owned 5 horses trained by Grant since then and have been fortunate to have 10 win pictures on my walls in this short time frame.  And for all the Team Forster memories so far that still make me smile…..well, just ask me!!  Some say life is not random and I believe that, so instead of waiting for “your” ladybug to lead you to Grant, get in touch with him and Team Forster and start living your horse racing dreams.”

 Roger Riley
Little Rock, AR

 “I have had small percentages of horses with Grant for nearly 20 years. Grant is a gentlemen and has always treated me as if I was his biggest client.  He makes all of his clients feel that way. Grant is talented, diligent, honest and caring for the horse, his help and for the people he works for.  And you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!  One of these days Grant will win the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks!”

Gary “Suitcase” Smith
Former National Hockey League All-Star Goalie
Del Mar, CA

 “The horse racing is extremely exciting, but the good people I have met that I would have never had the opportunity to meet has been so rewarding. Not only is Grant a great trainer, but he is even a better person and now a great friend. The one thing that I know is he does it right. He is always going to do what is in the best interest of the horse and I appreciate and respect that greatly. This has been such a wonderful joy for not only me but for my whole family as well. I wouldn’t trade this experience or the great new friends that I have made over the past few years for anything. ”

Troy Shanks
Murfreesboro, TN